Backflow Testing Services in Toronto

Comprehensive backflow testing services to ensure your water system is safe and up to Toronto city regulations.

What is a backflow device?

A backflow prevention device stops the flow of water from a building back into the municipalities potable water supply. This prevents any harmful chemicals, toxins and foreign material from entering  the city of Toronto’s clean drinking supply. Some manufacturers we work with are Zurn Backflow Preventers , and Watts Backflow Preventers .

Types of backflows

There are many different types of backflow prevention devices but the most popular are; Double Check Valve Assembly (DCVA) and Reduced Pressure Zone Assembly (RP).

Double check valve assembly

The double Check valve assembly is for moderate risk buildings; buildings that don’t have a high risk of using harmful chemicals. These backflow prevention devices have two check valves that prevent water from entering the City of Toronto’s main water supply.

The double-check valve assembly backflow prevention devices are require annual testing. These are installed on most commercial buildings such as restaurants and office buildings.

Reduced pressure zone assembly

The reduced pressure zone assembly is installed in buildings which are considered a “severe hazard”, which are buildings that use harmful chemicals. The RP also has two-check valves but unlike the DCVA it also has a drain port.

When one of the two-check valves opens the water will dump out of this drain port ensuring no foreign substances won’t unintentionally reverse flow into the City’s potable water system. Some examples of buildings needing a reduced pressure zone assembly are auto body shops and mechanic shops.

Install, maintain and test backflow prevention devices

“The Toronto Water Bylaw, Municipal Code Chapter 851,
came into effect on January 1, 2008 which requires all Industrial, Commercial, & Institutional and multi-residential (5 units or more) properties to install a premise isolation backflow prevention device immediately after the City’s water meter and its by-pass.” City of Toronto Backflow Prevention Page

At Ethos Plumbing Inc., we guarantee a hassle-free experience from the time of notice until the very end. We install and test the backflow device and complete all of the required paperwork to provide our customer’s an easy experience. For ease of mind, we provide free estimates so ensure there are no surprises.


What are the steps to installing a backflow in the City of Toronto ?

Once you receive the backflow notice from the City of Toronto, it is imperative that you contact a licensed plumber who is certified by the OWWA to test and install backflows.  We are proud to be one of Toronto’s certified plumbers on the OWWA. 

After you contact us, we will come to your site and make sure we are installing the right backflow device in the right area. This ensures we put the right type of backflow device and save you time and money. We will then provide a written quote with our step by step process, material and type of backflows.

After the first meeting the City of Toronto is notified and a building permit will be pulled by Ethos Plumbing Inc. Once the permit has been approved, the backflow device is installed and tested. Annual tests are then completed and sent in to the City of Toronto.  Ethos Plumbing Inc. will provide annual testing reminders.

Have you received a notice from the City of Toronto?

If you have received a notice from the City of Toronto regarding your buildings backflow preventer it is imperative to address it as soon as possible to avoid fines.

At Ethos Plumbing Inc. our licensed and certified plumbers install, maintain and test all backflow preventers. Reminders are sent automatically to notify you when your next annual backflow test is due.

All devices that are tested are tagged and the reports are sent in immediately to the City of Toronto. We will deal with the City of Toronto directly so you don’t have to.


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